Welcome to our website Lisa’s Pastry. We are happy to announce that now online order is possible through this website. Please take a look at the list of our fresh baked goods and contact us to make your order.

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Our best that make our customers have a beautiful moment and happiness with their family and their friends. We put a lot of accent in the weddings.


We make this part of cake to tell our customers that we provide those things here at Lisa’s pastry to make them satisfied in everything and we take the time to bake our best products. Patience means a lot for our clients because they want to organize interesting activities for their students.


We can send our best group of a team to arrange and decorate the room that you are doing to make your reception so that you can have less responsible for that at all.

About The Chief

Marie Lisa Born, grandmother started baking at home after her marriage to a man. She worked for her friends and family members who loved her products. At a very young age, I got into the habit of helping my grandmother and mother in the kitchen. I had a lot of fun working with them. From then on I understood that I would follow my dream of becoming a pastry chef. Grandma was spoiling us a lot.

When I was young, I loved to clean the cake dough bowls with my fingers. She always left a little bit for me and my brothers. Grandma has always been a part of my life. At a very young age I started working with her and my mother. In 1993, when my mother died, I started working full-time. I promised him I would continue the business. At the time, it was still Grandmother’s house but with my ambitions and hard work, after a while, it became a real company. The expansion of the pastry shop led my husband and I to give it a name.

Lisa’s Pastry was the obvious choice, in homage to the woman who started it all.

Jackson Jocuis

What People Say

With this website I don't have to worry about me. I just see what they offer and then, get my stuff to take my order.
Adaline Shayde
I'm excited to see Lisa's pastry has a website too, to let her customers know that her product is offer online, and I'm glad about that...
Dr. Arold Fleury
Specialist in psycology

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  • Delmas 102, #13 impasse Robert laverture.
  • Petion-ville, Rue centre marchand 86
  • Carrefour 32, impasse Lambert.
  • Phone 1: + 509 34 00 23 95
  • Phone 2: +509 22 09 88 44

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